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Scented Candle


– Natural soy wax candle with dried flowers and herbs

– Handmade
– Materials: Wax type: Soy

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    Natural soy wax candle with dried flowers and herbs

    • This high-quality and natural candle is made from 100% soy wax and a wooden wick.
      The soy wax candle is decorated with rose petals and lavender flowers for smoking, so it is absolutely safe to use in your candle.Also available as a scented candle if desired. You can simply select your favorite scent on the side.
      Only natural essential oils are used that are suitable for scented candles.Upcycling idea:
      The tin can be washed out after the candle has burned and used to store small items such as jewelry.Special wishes?
      I make the candles to order and can therefore respond to any special request that is within my means. Feel free to write me a message about this.HINTS
      1. Never leave a burning candle unattended
      2. The candle gets hot. Always place the cans on a suitable, heat-resistant surface.
      3. Never move a burning candle. Before lifting, make sure the candle is extinguished, the wax is solid and the can is cold.
      4. Avoid burning the candle near open windows or air ducts.
      5. Keep the candle away from children, pets and flammable materials.
      6. All combustible materials, especially dried flowers and roses, should be removed before lighting

    Weight 0.3 kg
    Dimensions 8.8 × 5.5 cm


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